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The "SOREGI - Frutas e Legumes, Lda." it is fruit of the
company in individual name "António José Relógio", that it
initiated its activity in 1980 and that up to 1988 if dedicated
exclusively to the agricultural production, essentially of
carrots and potatoes.
In 1989 the entrepreneur in individual name added to its
initial activity the commercialization of the products that
produced, serving then the "Mercado Abastecedor do Rego",
in Lisbon, of slope of launching for the supplying of the great
majority of the Small e great commercial surfaces.
In 1994, the SOREGI substitutes the company in individual
name continuing its strategy of development and
Webmaster: PGrilo
Frutas e Legumes, Lda.
Estrada Nacional Nº4 (Km 24)
Apartado 176 ¤ 2871-908
Montijo - Portugal
Telemóvel: +351 917 223 492
Telefone: +351 212 328 880
Fax: +351 212 319 880
E-Mail: geral@soregi.pt